A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

It’s no secret that recruiters; not unlike real estate agents, are amongst the least loved professionals. Perceptions of scavenging are not only rife but also largely inaccurate. At e-Merge we are working hard to counter these attitudes by offering a specialist service. While some recruiters may appear to be throwing mud at a wall in the hope that it sticks, we are thorough and considered in our approach. The downside of this for us is that we inadvertently spend considerable amounts of time chasing dead ends. How is it that recruiters spent this time exactly? We’re glad you asked!

More Than a 9 – 5

If you think back to the last time you were embarking on a job search you will remember that your journey spanned across early mornings, late nights and weekends. You can’t look for a new job during working hours at your current job, as much as you might want to, it probably won’t go down too well. We understand this and this is why we work hard to fit our time with you. Taking and making after-hours calls is far from unusual, we understand that your time is as precious as ours and we work within your constraints as much as we work within ours.

Always Online, Always Available

As much as we take and make calls outside of the usual 9 to 5, we are also online. Getting to the office early to check and send emails is just another aspect of ensuring our availability. You worked hard to finalise and send us your CV last night? We got in early to read it. You applied to one of our positions on a partner site? We know, we’ve already seen your application. You uploaded your CV to our site? Our awesome admin staff are having a look at it as well as hundreds of others on any given day.

Offering a Human Service

We work hard to respond to candidates quickly and effectively. Whether you submit your CV to us by applying to a job or uploading your CV to our site, our system has your details and if something pops up which looks like the right thing for you, we will be in contact. Experienced, qualified developers are as precious to us as our favourite coffee mugs – we take extra special care of them and they are unlikely to collect dust. We read between the lines on your CV, we form an idea of who you are where you would excel and how we could give you options and help you drive your career forward.

Understanding You, Understanding Your Needs

Once we have found you, whether you have applied to a job through our website, uploaded your CV or applied via a partner site, if we think you have what it takes to make our client happy, we start the conversation. We don’t just give you a call to make sure you are happy with us submitting your CV, we also call you to find out who you are. It is our job to know who you are, what your intended career path is and why you want a particular opportunity, this is what makes is possible to find the best match for you. This part of the process is where things become a bit more complicated, which is exactly why we take our time with it. We are often on the phone, in client meetings and in candidate meetings for hours at a time in order to ensure we are all on the same page and there is no miscommunication.

Pulling Out a Fine-Tooth Comb

Of course, we start to get really excited when we think we might have a match but this also means that we need to build a body of evidence to prove to your potential employer that you are not only a fit for the position because of your skill set but also due to your track record, achievements, personality and the results of any pre-interview tests you may have completed. All of this information (while subjective) helps build a picture of who you are as a person and whether you and your potential employer will be a good match. The better the match the lower the potential risk for everyone involved.

Help us to Help You

At every point in this process recruiters are liaising between you and the client. Emails, phone calls, text messages, LinkedIn messages, etc, etc are flying back and forth and we have to keep the ball rolling at all times. More than mere introductions, we ensure that you are a good match for our client (and vice versa), your paperwork is in order, we enable interviews, aid in the negotiation of offers and even offer the odd bit of career counselling here and there for those who are unsure. This is a consultative process which is often time-consuming. Want to know the best way to help things move forward?

Stay in Touch

Answer our calls and emails, even if you are just letting us know you are busy or can’t chat.

Be Honest at all Times

You got another offer? That’s great news! You decided you’re just not excited about the job? That’s okay, we can still help you find the right thing.

Send us Your Paperwork Promptly

The sooner we can get down to business the sooner you can plan your future.

Never Miss Your Interview

We shouldn’t even have to tell you this one.

More than making calls and sending emails recruiters add the human touch to your job search. Recruitment is about more than filling a desk with a warm body. We personalise all of our interactions be it with a candidate or our client. That’s how we spend our time and that is why we are so successful.

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