August Book Review – “12 Essential Skills for Software Architects” by Dave Hendrickson

This month in the e-Merge Book Club, we’ll be reviewing Dave Hendrickson’s book “12 Essential Skills for Software Architects” (2012), published by Pearson Education.

In the book Hendrickson imparts the wisdom he’s learnt over many years as a software architect for Thomson Reuters around the often-forgotten non-technical skills most needed to succeed, and most importantly those which will make you more hireable, as a software architect.  Hendrickson unpacks the importance of soft skills like innovation, leadership, communication, and negotiation which he believes are more important in the “agile” IT environment of today than any technical skills and knowledge.

Initially the book title might lead readers to believe it’s a book about brushing up on your architecture know-how, but don’t be mistaken.  This book guides you in the areas of relationship, personal and business skills that will significantly enhance your techy skills as a software architect, make you more marketable, and predominantly strengthen your career arsenal.

The publisher’s take on the book is, “from start to finish, this book’s practical insights can help you get the architect position you want – and thrive once you have it!” reviewers have described the book as:

“a good book to read if you are in any role in Software Development, especially for architects as target audience.”

“Great book for both personal life and professional life.”

“Rock Solid Advice for Software Architect Soft Skills.”

“Most effective, precise description of the problems we face in the discipline of architecture and how to get things working!”

At e-Merge we think it’s a great read, and one that will help you become an effective all-rounder.  Have you read the book?  If so, let us know your thoughts?

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