Avoid the Robot Recruiter

There is a certain approach to recruitment which just really gives recruiters a bad name. It’s that old mechanical conveyor belt system, we call them robot recruiters which is polite seeing as they are just bad recruiters. Recruiters who are forced to spend excessive amounts of time finding candidates but very little time getting to know them, don’t manage to. In the end, the results are lacklustre. Why is that? What is a robot recruiter? How do you know you’ve got one? Just the same as you need to know when to walk away from a job offer that’s not the right fit, it’s also good to know when your recruitment agency is just luke-warm pea soup. It goes without saying, these are practices we neither advocate nor practice.

First Impressions

The first phone call is an important gauge to judge whether or not a recruiter is genuine and where their priorities lie. Are they more interested in the job spec or you? Whether the recruiter has purposely sought you out or is responding to your CV, this exploratory phone call shouldn’t leave you feeling like livestock at an auction. You have something to offer and you are a person – not a tool that exists merely to get a job done. Pay attention to the sincerity of their tone and their line of questioning. This will first impression will reveal a lot about how they conduct business and how they view you and whether they have robot recruiter tendencies.

Waning Interest

So you’ve had your first chat with said recruiter, you’ve shipped off your CV, references, the lot and now you wait… and wait. Zero feedback. Radio silence. The longer you wait and the quieter it gets; but why? This probably means that the recruiter in question is juggling too many jobs, too many candidates or both. They are probably in the habit of throwing mud at the wall and they are focussing on numbers, not people. You aren’t special; you’re one of many. This is your cue to stop holding your breath. If they suddenly call you after a few weeks, maybe be a bit wary of some potential robot recruitment tendencies.

Broken Telephone

Supposing your recruiter has performed the necessary tasks required to get you in front of your interviewer. You arrive on time, neat and presentable, prepared and ready to go. While you are in the interview however you realise there has been some miscommunication. Be it about your qualifications, experience or expectations; this is a red flag! It’s highly likely that this recruiter doesn’t actually know what you do, nor do they car. Instead of insisting on clarity from all parties the recruiter just creatively interpreted the brief. This just doesn’t cut it though. Everyone in that room has taken time out specifically to meet, with one purpose in mind – to match a team or a business to an individual with the right skills, experience and personality to successfully work together. If your recruiter got something wrong, everyone has wasted their time and left the meeting irritated. That’s not a good start to anything. Ditch the robot recruiter, save yourself some time and a lot of energy.

Pushy Tactics

Last but certainly not least, the interview went well but you just don’t see yourself at this particular company in this position but robot recruiter is getting a bit pushy. Whether there are deal breakers or you just aren’t feeling it, no one should ever pressure you into taking a job. Taking a new job is a life-changing decision, the repercussions are far-reaching and it’s not a simple decision. If you make a decision based on the pressure a recruiter is putting you under, you are likely to make the wrong decision. It’s just not worth it. Don’t be bullied, walk away.

The approach above merely outlines a few of the most common mistakes recruiters make. More than mistakes though, these are red flags that you may be dealing with a bad recruiter; a robot recruiter. We aren’t proposing throwing flowers at your feet as you walk but we are proposing good, clear, honest and open communication; not robotic. This is how e-Merge differs from other recruitment agencies. We provide options, not just interviews. If you are ready for a change have a look at the jobs we have on offer and drop us your CV!

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