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Ted Talks Tuesday

Any 3D form can be made from 2D form, by folding and this is proven mathematically. Imagine having an intelligent sheet that could self-fold, into

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Say I.T. Loud!

Uncle Louis thinks Java development’s disgraceful: the Indonesian island should be kept pristine! And that Perl, Python and Ruby are great names for Gothic triplets.

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Carte Blanche Blues? Beat them with these 4 handy tips

The absolute freedom of a Saturday to yourself. And then, Sunday. It starts off alright. A little weekend lie-in, a few light chores. But as the afternoon drags on, the Sunday Blues creep in. Your anxiety grows, as Monday looms large. And then, the official signal of the end of the weekend: The dreaded Carte Blanche theme music. The week-end death knell.

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