Recruitment Consultant specialising in .Net.

Bryce Mortimer

“Illegitimi non carborundum” – “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

Bryce is a highly energetic and dynamic individual. He is inspired by people who keep smiling and maintain a positive attitude, no matter how bad things may get. His favorite place to be (other than the office 😊) is definitely at the golf course with his mates to unwind; until he duffs his tee shot into the river on the first hole. That’s when the beers come out.

The majority of Bryce’s career was in the property industry and he eventually wanted to try something different and that landed him in recruitment. He maintains that it is one of the best moves he has made for himself. This is the perfect opportunity that will allow him “the laptop life” that he wants as he is eager to be working remotely from a beach in the Caribbean soon.

Who’s your Superhero?
His brother is the closest thing we have to Batman. He even has a cape 😊.

What is your Own Superpower?

Getting out of tricky situations.

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