Senior Recruitment Administrator specialising in .Net and the Microsoft Stack

Candace Logie

"Everything happens for a Reason"

Cands’, jokes are funnier when she tells them! Candace is always positive and finds a silver lining in every situation which is such a great trait to have in the recruitment world. Candace has a passion for people, so when she came across an opportunity that allowed her to interact with people while changing their lives, SHE TOOK IT  – this is how she became an e-Mergian. When she is not creating options for her candidates she loves watching a good series, getting lost in it is her absolute best! She loves Pinterest, getting new ideas for her home or garden. She also enjoys cooking new dishes and baking. Cands, loves music and listens to most genres, and on a good day, she drops a dance move or two for us in the office for some motivation. She loves learning new things and expanding her knowledge to always be the best version of herself.

Tell us about your pet? 

Bentley (a Maltese). He was born on 15 April 2019, he also has an Instagram account 😊. They love playing fetch and going to the park. She brushes his teeth and brushes him daily. Bentley is super playful and very in tune with Candace’s emotions. 

Who’s your Superhero?

Jesus is her superhero!

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