Want to keep that sweet “dev from home” gig? Learn how to WFH like a BOSS!

As a developer, working from home is a privilege and chances are you’re REALLY starting to enjoy it. As lockdown relaxes, companies and managers will be deciding who can stay at home and who definitely needs a little more supervision, back at the office. If you’re loving your gig remote, and want to continue enjoying the sweet benefits, you need to WFH LIKE A BOSS! Focus on these 7 priorities for work-from-home productivity, and you’ll hold onto that treasured remote-work status.

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Say I.T. Loud!

Uncle Louis thinks Java development’s disgraceful: the Indonesian island should be kept pristine! And that

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Carte Blanche Blues? Beat them with these 4 handy tips

The absolute freedom of a Saturday to yourself. And then, Sunday. It starts off alright. A little weekend lie-in, a few light chores. But as the afternoon drags on, the Sunday Blues creep in. Your anxiety grows, as Monday looms large. And then, the official signal of the end of the weekend: The dreaded Carte Blanche theme music. The week-end death knell.

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