Dead End Dev Job? 6 Signs It’s Time To Polish Up Your CV


Are you living with “developer stress”? That constant gnaw about the project scope, that project manager who is just out of his depth? Battling to get up EVERY morning? Mondays don’t count – it’s not just The Boomtown Rats that hate Mondays! Are you really thinking “It’s time to open that that pub!”?

If you answered YES to any of those it might be time for you to relook your current situation and start thinking about a change. The truth is we spend a big ole chunk of our lives at work or working, so it’d make sense that we should be happy there and at least enjoy what we do. Remember I’m not talking about the occasional grumpy day, those happen, nor the once-off clash with your boss, I’m talking about that ever-present tension just before you get in the car every morning, or before you push open that office door. If you’re getting that nagging feeling that something “just ain’t right” have a read through the list and see if you relate to any of these signs that it might be time to make a change, one that comes with more than just 14 days of holiday.

  1. You have lost your passion. Let’s face it, you’ve always been the software developer that put in the extra hours and effort. You take enormous pride in the code you write and get a serious thrill out of seeing a project go live, but over the last couple of months, maybe longer if you think about it, that’s changed.


  1. You’re bored and unchallenged. You’ve asked for the promotion. You’ve done that code. You’ve started thinking GREEN FIELD is a salad and not a new software project. You’ve done all the other things the pop psychologists have suggested… started a poker club, found every new lunch venue in the precinct. You’re smart and ambitious and it’s not happening here anymore? You’ve flatlined and it might be time for the hightail.


  1. You’re depressed about work when you aren’t there. You know those “Carte Blanche blues” on Sunday evening, or when you’re on date night and your wife is starting to give you the “you might as well be at the office” lecture. Snapping at the kids a little more than usual and throwing the odd putter at golf? Or worse still, you’ve given up date night because you’re at home developing a new app?


  1. You’re constantly feeling undermined at work. You’re getting that regular put down in the brainstorms, and you’re always feeling like your project manager is just waiting for you to drop the ball? You’re getting left out of meetings that you SERIOUSLY think you could add value to?


  1. It’s been 9 months since you noticed a new developer join. You’re suddenly the guy who’s been there the longest. You’re starting to feel lonely and swamped because everyone else left? If you’re noticing a pattern of unhappy people leaving, and not being replaced you might be ignoring a few warning signs and it could be time to check in with your recruiter’s new job list. (see ours)


  1. You’re waking up at 2am. Every night and your mind is stuck in that place. When you’re getting to that place where it’s constantly on your mind and interfering with your sleep, it’s a real sign that it’s time to polish up your CV. Make sure you’re also up-to-date on the warning signs of burnout. We’ll publish an article on those soon.


There are some clear differences between short-term dissatisfaction and real, deep-seated unhappiness with you work, but they can blur, especially when the pressure is on around project delivery time. Don’t confuse them. As an ambitious developer you are responsible for your own career, for keeping your coding skills up-to-date and for learning a new language now and then. You’re also responsible for your big career moves. If you’ve put in the real effort to make a place work for you, and you’re still not making progress, it’s probably time to see what the market has on offer.

e-Merge IT Recruitment is a very unique, specialist IT agency, that focuses on giving you options. We don’t fit square pegs into round holes but provide a holistic service, matching people, personalities and technical skills to give you a winning outcome. If you’re ready for a change, why not drop us your CV?

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