Specialist Recruiter in Java, JavaScript and Angular

Dominic Maree

"Mom Always Known What To Say. And It Usually Brings Me Down To Earth With A Bang"

Dominic has been an e-Merger for a little over a year now, where he just kinda landed after a year traveling in Asia, and no real plan when he got back.

A friend suggested his sales skills might work well for him in recruitment, and BOOM, here he is, driven by a desire to make loads of cashiola and buy beautiful things.

Weekends you’ll find him watching sport, either at the game or on tv, or he’ll do a little travelling. All of this done with a drink in one hand and a Hip Hop playlist in his headphones. Kanye. Mainly Kanye. Old Kanye. Not new Kanye.

Who’s your Superhero?
Captain America!!

What is your Own Super-Power?
My persuasive eyes haha

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