Programmers, the world is your oyster! Are you coding in the field of your choice?

The digital world that we live in never ceases to amaze, technology has streamlined how businesses run and has made the average person’s life easier to live in general. The ever-increasing forms of digital media and channels provide us with more information than most of us know what to do with. From websites to apps to advanced communication software, technology can be found in almost every way we send and receive information. The backbone of this technology has relied, and will always rely, on code. Yes, programmers have a crucial role to play in today’s digital world, and the opportunities are endless. Every industry needs coders.

The industry of programming has never been as exciting and filled with opportunity as it is today. Gone are the days where only certain industries offered positions for programmers, due to the nature of the progression of digital communication, pretty much every industry needs coders. The best thing about that? Programmers can combine their love for code within an industry that excites them. You as a coder may not have realized this before and you may be thinking “what would be a cool industry to work in?”. The answer lies in keeping an open-mind and being open to try new things.

Programmers tend to have tunnel-vision when it comes to the tasks required of them and their role in a project. By becoming a team-player, programmers can better understand the roles of others in a project and get a holistic view of the goals of the company they work for. Opportunities tend to find those who keep a positive outlook and are not resistant to change. Every industry has the potential to teach you a lot more than just programming, deepen your knowledge of the business so that you can drive real change and add significant value.

The people that you work with also play a big role in how much you will enjoy your work environment. That football table or bar fridge in the office may be tempting perks to the job, but long term you will find more inspiration in a work environment that encourages creativity, has potential for growth and has an office culture that excites and challenges you. Every industry will have its own unique set of challenges and as long as you keep focusing on learning how to deal with these challenges, you will be moving in the right direction.

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