Forget the Degree, are you Hire-Able?

Here’s the deal, the majority of graduates feel ready for the workplace (surprise, surprise) but most employers disagree.  A university degree does not guarantee you employment anymore.  No one cares if you got an A+ on your A+.  Skills and experience are what count.

A Degree Doesn’t Equal Work Ethic.

Companys want self-starters, not people who open their mouth for the silver spoon to get shoved in.  Companys want to know that no matter if you have a four-year degree, two-year diploma, 6-month certificate, or a lifetime at the school of hard knocks, that you have a thorough work ethic.  When the proverbial ‘push comes to shove’ are you gonna be the guy or girl who gets sh*t done?

Get Real-World Experience.

Enrolling at a university or taking some time to finish your diploma doesn’t mean you get to chill and play persona 5 for another few years.  Get your off your mom’s couch, shave, put on new undies (and other clothes too please) and go get some work experience.  Do work for free just to get some experience, play around with stuff for your mates or family, volunteer if you have to.  Just get experience.  Sweep the aeroplane-hanger if you want to be a pilot, comprende?

Brush up on Being a Human

Try not to vomit in your mouth too much with this one but many employers value good communication, critical thinking and problem-solving above a lot of other things like a degree!  Think innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, all those soft skills that cannot be taught at an institution.  Employers are seeing soft skills as the skills of the future.  Once again, get off the couch, shave, and go start interacting with those weird things we call other people; join clubs, groups, whatever it takes to start exercising the muscles of your mind, anything other than your thumbs.

At e-Merge we’ll give it to you straight!  We know what employers want and we know how you need to get it, chat to us about your hire-ability now.

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