Lead Specialist Recruiter in OO, C++, Java EE, Mobile, Web Services, EAI

Garth Zoutendyk

“Life’s not a test run. You only live once, do it now and make the very best of it!”

The founder of e-Merge and a recognised veteran of the IT recruitment industry, Garth focuses on the Java and Open Source technology environment. In the event you’re experienced and or motivated to gain experience in these areas, please feel free to be in touch with Garth as he and his team are probably more knowledgeable about current market conditions and have more opportunities to explore than most other businesses.

Outside of e-Merge he’s slightly more well-behaved. He’s forgotten when or why he started the company, and in his words, “F%^#$ nose, how I got into recruitment but now that I’m here I LOVE it!”. At heart Garth’s a potent cocktail of biker, an adventurer and an explorer, with a dash of architect and tequila! He’s a doer, driven by success, creation, mentorship and sharing! Also, he has a hedgehog and a tortoise and a number of KTM’s…. A “collection” (he was too scared to disclose a number) of the best children any father would be proud of.

His home includes snakes, rats, bunnies and spiders. 8 cats. And two dogs, and did I mention lots of KTM’s? Picture rollover blocks:

Who’s your Superhero?
It has to be Valintino Rossi – yeah, so he’s not your traditional super-hero but he’s my super hero!

What is Your Favourite Band?
U2 are streets ahead and their concert was one of the most incredible performances I have ever seen. Finish & klaar. If you can guess Garth’s age you win a bottle of tequila!

What Do You Do To Relax?
Mmmmm… Ride and we ride and don’t forget about riding. Sailing, travelling, exploring, designing & building awesome houses, golf, wind-surfing and of course riding.


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