Get to Know a Little More About Garth Zoutendyk

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So now and then we like to talk to each other. You know, find out who we are working with and hopefully learn something new. Today we decided to pull aside specialist Java and JEE recruiter; Garth Zoutendyk, give him a cuppa and pick his brain. Spoiler alert; it’s probably got something to do with pink hair accessories.

What was your dream job when you were 18?

My dream job at the time would have been anything to excuse me from military service. Unfortunately, the dream job didn’t present itself before being enrolled. Looking back, we learnt valuable life lessons and I don’t regret it at all.

Who is the funniest person at e-Merge?

Liza with her hyena laugh and Jason is pretty twisted. Collen is close behind with his warped sense of humour. On second thoughts, there isn’t a normal person in the office – they’re all a little touched one way or another.

Who is the craziest? 

The Craziest has to be Craig with his hidden tattoos and his darker side. Need I say more? Then again, we’re all a bunch of fantastic crazy people.

Tell us about your most embarrassing work moment…

This is truly embarrassing! A couple of years back I arrived at an agency briefing with an investment bank wearing a pink feathered Alice-band across the top of my head. My 2-year-old daughter had insisted I wear it earlier that morning. The first time I realised I was wearing the Alice-band I was leaving the underground parking lot and driving into the sun. I reached for what I assumed were my sunglasses. What a surprise. No one said a thing! Not a word! I often wonder what went through their minds? Were they too shocked or too embarrassed to say anything? I haven’t done that again.

What was your personal best month?

When the South African economy reached junk status; owing to instability and a growing recession, our incredible team managed to pull off their best month ever. This has to be one of e-Merge’s ultimate achievements and it clearly demonstrates what an exceptional team we have. I would like to congratulate my much-loved team on a fantastic accomplishment!

On a personal note, I had 9 consecutive best months when the family and I were blessed with an opportunity to travel the waters of the Mediterranean for almost a year exploring multiple countries and cultures.  What a fantastic memorable experience I’d highly recommend.

 Is recruitment getting easier?

Yeah sure – it’s a walk in the park…  I suppose the question should be is recruitment ever easy? If it was easy, the client agency briefings would be littered with Porsches and Lambo’s. Need I say more? Come to think of it I haven’t seen too many Porsche at the briefings for years.

How do you de-stress?

I shout and ride (my motorbike), I ride a LOT, did I say I ride? In fact, I probably shout more. Then again It also helps to drink a lot of beer with the odd tequila.

What is the scariest thing you have ever done?

Asking my wife to marry me. I was traumatised for weeks. I think I was more scared of getting a thanks-but-no-thanks. On second thoughts, jumping out of that flippin’ aeroplane with a small bag on my back was also pretty terrifying.

Do you secretly want to be doing something else?

Yip; but it isn’t a secret. I would like nothing more than to spend more time travelling to different international destinations on a sailboat. In fact, I may just never come back again. That’s probably the reason Jason and Janice chain me to my desk.

What is next on your bucket list?

A lap on a superbike around the Isle of Man would be pretty cool.

Who is your champion?

Gotta be Rossi; Valentino Rossi without a doubt.

More than the penchant for pink Alice-bands and the roaring KTMs, Garth is a kick-ass Java recruiter and pretty cool guy to drink coffee with. If you would like to get in touch with Garth drop him a line on


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