New Year, New Job: How to Get a New Job in January

You arrive at work on the first day of the new year; full of ambition, beaming with excitement for the year ahead… but instead, you walk into an office stale with disappointment and mismanagement. Nothing kills your drive quite like the sheer misery of a soul-crushing atmosphere and the stark realisation that there is nothing left to be achieved there. On the bright side, it’s a new year and you can say that your head is clear and rested enough to make some serious decisions. The time is right; this is how to get a new job in January.

Start With a Plan

You’ve managed to keep your head level enough to take your time and recover from the year before making any big decisions. You have to maintain that same self-restraint in order to get the best possible solution and find the right position in the right company. Before you throw your hands up in the air and say, ‘I just can’t take it anymore’, form an idea of the specifics of the job you are looking for. Consider what are your most important requirements and list them in order of importance. Things such as salary, location, industry, company and the potential for growth are likely to sit at the top of your list alongside other potential negotiables and nonnegotiables.

Set Your Aim

If you know what kind of job you are looking for that’s a great start, if the job you’re looking for is a big change from your current one however, that makes things far more complex. If you are at the point of migrating to a different sector, industry or even field; it’s not necessarily as simple as you may have previously hoped. A field you have no experience in will more than likely expect you to start right at the very bottom again and at the very least upskill yourself exponentially before they will even give you the time of day.

Know Your Strengths

If the job you are looking for falls closer to areas and fields you are proficient in or at the very least you have previously worked in, make sure you play to your strengths. Gear your cover letter towards the job requirements and discuss how you can use any skills learned up to this point to better fulfil the job spec and bring the most value to the person and business who will be hiring you.

Don’t be Shy, Apply

If you’re applying to companies and jobs that you aren’t especially interested in, you’re wasting your time. The only reason you should be doing this is when you are in an especially miserable environment and desperate to jump ship. Ideally, you want to bide your time and hold out for the companies and positions which will best enable you to grow and develop your career. We would go so far as to say contact recruitment companies even if they aren’t advertising a position just yet – you never know when something may come up.

Now that you have your game plan for the new year, you’re all set. You can lift your head up and proceed with exuberance and optimism because things are about to get a lot better. If you haven’t already contacted us or had a look at what we have on offer, we suggest you do so right now. Drop us a line and apply for great positions.

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