The 5 Best Gifts to Give a Developer This Christmas

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, giving gifts is just fun. These gadgets will be cool for a while, so you can even hang onto these great gift ideas beyond 2019. The best part of giving gadgets as gifts is that for the most part; technology transcends the boundaries of age, race and gender. Tech people are united in their search for creature comforts and geekery. Gadgets have great ways of improving our everyday lives, who still wants to rub sticks together when you can just use a lighter? If you haven’t converted to the way of the tech just yet, it’s best you do now – before you give up on shoes and form a commune.

Top Tech Gift 1: The Tile

They say forgetful people are more intelligent so let’s just run with that chain of thought. The Tile links your smartphone to your set of keys or wallet via Bluetooth, by simply pressing a button on the app you will hear the Tile ring, enabling you to locate your misplaced item. The clever little tool also works in reverse; by pressing the button on the tile itself, be it attached to your keys or wallet, your phone will then ring in order for you to find it.

Top Tech Gift 2: The PetChatz HD and PawCall

So just because you are a tech fan doesn’t mean that you don’t have a soft spot for the fur-legged kind. Your puppers are part of the family and they miss you just as much as you miss them while you are at work. So once again, tech finds a way; the PetChatz Daycare offers your home alone fur babies a full interaction and entertainment system. Yes, you read that right, you can now video call your dog or cat. Moreover, you can give your dog treats, play brain games and even offer them calming aromatherapy (for what its worth). The unit is sound and or motion triggered with a pet-friendly design free from sharp edges, corners and cables.

Top Tech Gift 3: Smartech Ili Portable Translator

Yup, the future is now. As cliché as it sounds, this little piece of gadgetry instantly translates your sentences into Spanish, Mandarin or Japanese. In a matter of 0.2 seconds, you can turn strangers into friends while speaking with perfect pronunciation without the need for a wifi connection!

Top Tech Gift 4: Google Home

Any early adopter will tell you that voice-enabled search has made incredible progress in the last few years and it shows no signs of slowing down. With similarly impressive results from competitors such as Alexa and Siri, Google Home holds its own as not only a leader in search technology but a formidable opponent as a hands-free assistant. Google Home will play music, answer your questions and even track your schedule. It’s also compatible with Chromecast along with a bunch of other smart devices.

Top Tech Gift 5: Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

Last on an inspiring list of gifts, the Oculus Go virtual reality headset. This version is a standalone unit which puts you slap-bang into your very own personal theatre. Its applications extend beyond viewing movies into gaming, VR meetups with friends and even watching live sports. Complete with the easy to use, intuitive controller this VR headset offers a wireless, hassle-free experience with surround sound built right into the headset. There is however an audio jack for a more private VR adventure.

In retrospect; you probably don’t even need to be tech-obsessed to see the value of these gifts. These incredible items make great gifts because they enable us to better connect to the world around us (keychain included). With every seemingly frivolous new toy, the world becomes a little smaller and knowledge is easier to access and you can just about carry your fur-pal around in your pocket.

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