Office Manager

Glodine Ndhlovu

“For as long as you are alive, the verdict is still out”

Glodine is the lady who “keeps our orange, orange”.  Glodine is compassionate and loves taking care of others, this is why her role is a great fit for her. Glo is an entrepreneur at heart and loves putting a smile on people’s faces. When she is not saving the world 😊, she spends her time hiking, EATING, napping, eating, eating… (we think you get the point!). Her taste in music is everything! She enjoys Victor Thompson, a little obsessed with Nigerian music, and some old-school rap and soulful artists like Gregory Potter are among her favorite artists.

What is your super power?

Her compassionate nature, she is great at introspecting and she loves taking care of others.

Who’s your Superhero?


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