The Rise of the Introvert

Is something missing from your team? You’re looking for someone with ‘that thing’. Someone who buckles down and gets the job done, someone who is a great leader, a great listener, someone who can innovate and be productive. This does sound like a mythical creature but this candidate does exist, this candidate can become one of your best team members too. People like this are, by and large, introverts. They are essential if you want to have a balanced team. The biggest mistake you’re making is looking for someone who lights up the room. You’re in luck though because today you’re going to learn more about introverts and how to nab one!

Why Hiring An Introvert is More Difficult?

Firstly, hiring a developer is nothing like a reality TV talent show. An introvert’s brain by its very nature is just wired differently. In an interview, they are often more reserved, appear less enthusiastic sometimes even difficult to connect with. This is exactly why introverts require a different hiring process altogether. The recruiter and hiring manager need to take these personality traits into account and adjust the process accordingly. This way you can allow the candidate to shine rather than scurry back into the shadows.

How to Interview an Introvert

If the hiring manager is able to empathise with their candidate, they will see that those irrelevant curveball questions may do more harm than good. Asking a developer random questions about irrelevant things is pretty unnecessary. For the best results, the interviewer needs to ask clear, descriptive questions for the candidate to properly process what is being asked and provide a well thought out answer. Open-ended questions are daunting and unnerving for introverted candidates. In addition, if you allow the candidate to take their time and think their answer through, there are better able to answer you.

Why You Need an Introvert in Your Team

Introverts may not come across as stars in the making during their interview, what the offer though is a more considered approach to their work. They are more likely to think before they speak, better listeners, better team members, they tend to be more creative and innovative, they are also more productive. Sure, someone who appears to be a go-getter appears to be your dream candidate but are they still your dream employee further down the line when things get tough? Of course, introverts and extroverts have different strengths and weaknesses, but this is exactly why your team needs both personality types in order to thrive.

It’s Not as Easy as Putting People into Boxes

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that there is so much more to understanding a candidate’s personality than simply defining them as introverted or extroverted. Moreover, you are unlikely to find this information in their CV. Psychometric tests do a lot in the way of better understanding people’s personalities if it’s possible it’s a great idea to ask your candidate to complete one ahead of the interview so that you know where their strengths and weaknesses lie and you can engage them accordingly.

The most important reason why hiring managers need to give introverted candidates a second glance is in order to be able to draw from the massive talent pool which is often overlooked. Recognise that your team needs the talent and diverse perspectives which come from hiring a mixture of personality types. Don’t let the negative stereotypes cloud your perception of introverts, give them a chance because they will shine!

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