How to Succeed as an Employee

Its safe to say that just about everyone wants to be their own boss, the thought of not having to answer to a manager or a boss is nothing if not alluring. When you are your own boss you set your own hours, your own dress code, your own leave and even your own clients. Sounds awesome right? Well, the thing is; you need to level-up before you can succeed as your own boss. Learn how to succeed as an employee first, one way to do that is to view yourself as your very own franchise, a smaller part of the whole organisation but the organisation none the less. It sounds odd but let’s get into it.

Do More

Everyone gets a job description, your KPIs, KPAs whatever you call it. Do more though. When there’s a gap, an oversight, a lapse in judgement or just a faster way to do things – do it. Your boss or line manager will see your extra effort and your initiative and at the very least they will appreciate it. If you’re keeping your franchise clean tidy and running smoothly while taking on a bit more, you’re closer to succeeding as an employee. There’s one caveat though: don’t step on anyone’s toes. Whether there is a strict hierarchy or not; some people just don’t like change and they leave no room for progress. If you keep doing more and it’s taken the wrong way; it could be time to divert your attention to another franchise.

Be More

Beyond ticking the boxes, consider the way you present both yourself and the company. More than ironing your shirt you need to be conscientious and persevere. Think of it like this, you had a great idea, you did a thing but you didn’t think it through and it failed, so you gave up. Is that the way you would keep your own business going when things get tough? No, because then your venture would fail. Put your best foot forward and after that put your other best foot forward.

Want More

We would hazard a guess that no one could succeed as an employee if they don’t have a thirst if they aren’t hungry for something bigger and better. If you are happy to sit at your desk, fly under the radar and keep doing things the way they have always been done, you’re unlikely to have a plethora of opportunities unfold themselves in front of you. If you want more, get up and find it. If your employer refuses to help you grow within their organisation, maybe you’ve hit the ceiling.

Leave the Nay-Sayers in the Dust

There will always be critics. They are the people who won’t allow you to do more, be more and want more. Your extra mile will be their extra headache if your franchise needs to keep growing but the walls are closing in; it might be time to move on. Find more somewhere else. Don’t get treated like a screwdriver when you’re a grown-ass handyman!

Before You Drop the Mic

Feeling unheard at work is what leaves so many people disheartened, deflated, demotivated …defeated. The truth is that some minds may never meet and some bosses don’t care what you think because they think they know your job better than you do. Before you chalk it up to a simple case of who knows better, take a long hard look at who is bringing what to the table. Do you and your boss or line manager hold the same degree? Do you and your boss have pretty much the same amount of experience? Are you of the same generation? These are the differences which will make you stronger as a team if you listen to each other, and weaker if not.

Don’t Romanticise Autonomy

And lastly, don’t assume that being your own boss is less stressful. There are an abundance of reasons why not everyone can do it and once you have understood at least some of these reasons, you can succeed as an employee. And then will you be able to succeed as your own employee.

Some people don’t need to climb the ladder like everyone else but they are the exception not the rule. The rest of us are mere humans so take it slowly, give yourself some time to succeed as an employee before you throw yourself out the business plane without a parachute.







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