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With the intention of creating options for people, at e-Merge, our aim is to educate both our clients and candidates so that they are empowered to make better choices.
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A boutique agency, e-Merge prides itself on good service and understanding your particular skillset. You can expect more than a dead-end interview and a shoddy sales pitch.
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C# & .NET Jobs

At e-Merge, we have a record of assisting talented candidates in finding work within their particular field, skillset and interest.
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Data Jobs

We specialise in ensuring you find the right job, the right culture fit and the right career path. It’s not always so simple, you could say there’s a science to it.
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Web / Mobile Jobs

Do you feel like no one really gets you? Stop wasting your time with recruiters who don’t know the difference between Android, IOS and Xamarin.
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Devops Jobs

When you tell recruiters that you’re an Oracle Developer do they start asking you questions about the meaning of life? Stop. Put the phone down right now.
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Security Jobs

Well, this is a broad field, we understand that though. We understand the needs of people with SQL Server, BI and app development skills.
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Ensuring the successful launch of a website, application or being a scrum master.
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Everything else fits here.
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