Junior Administrator

Khethiwe Nkunzana

"Your Dream Has To Be Bigger Than Your Fear"

Khethiwe arrived at e-Merge in 2018, although no-one remembers where from. She’s very much about helping and mentoring others, which kind of makes her a natural for this industry.

In her free time, Khetiwe LOVES hanging out with with kids, because they’re “just so happy!” She also watches inspirational movies which she watches cuddled up on the couch with her best friend, China, a people-loving, bubbly 2-year-old pit bull.

She’s so protective, and a little jealous, and Khethiwe’s not allowed to touch other puppies. Fortunately she IS allowed to listen to music, and when she does, it’s Naiji Vibe, Gospel, Hip Hop and RnB.

Who’s your Superhero?
STORM, a strong, brave woman who finishes what she starts.

What is your Own Super-Power?
Helping and comforting other people.

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