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Lamie Dlamini

Always do the right thing; be better; you only live once.

Lamie is one of our newest value-adds. She has a wealth of experience within different industries, and she had never thought in her wildest dreams that she would find herself in the Software Dev recruitment space, but she is highly invested and says she enjoys it very much.

Lamie ensures that she captures all our moments in the office (even the embarrassing ones – when she makes the team sing and dance 😊). When she is not doing amazing things here at e-Merge, she is chilling and Netflixing.

Lamie is a ball of energy and loves seeing people around her happy. Her mom inspires her very much because she is optimistic and always sees a silver lining in every situation.

Seeing that Lamie is driven by making money, she is at the right place!

Who is your favourite superhero?

Deadpool, she really likes Ryan Reynolds 😊

Tell us about your pet?

She has a pet tortoise named Rufus; she has had him for a little more than a year. His favourite food is dragon fruit and probably insects 😊, but she doesn’t feed him that. He is very high maintenance and spoilt.

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