What Makes e-Merge Different From Other Recruitment Agencies?

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In short; everything. Our philosophy on developer recruitment is rooted in providing both candidates and clients with options. This requires us to aid our developers every step of the way, providing them with the information required to make the right decisions for themselves and for their careers. Recruitment isn’t simply an easier way for developers to find jobs, it’s about exploring the relevant opportunities with the developer through a consultative process so that they can make educated decisions about their careers. Ours is a proven method of finding the right fit and forming a symbiotic relationship. We successfully place developers at the right companies in the right roles, that’s how e-Merge recruits and that’s why people consider us experts.

Does the Perfect Job Exist?

Developers are not stock, they are people. We spend all day, every day in the dev world. We push ourselves to know and understand the industry so that we can not only fluently speak ‘developer’, but also understand the needs of each individual candidate. This way we are able to support you in meeting your career goals. That’s how we can help you find the perfect job, it’s a matter of finding commonality and speaking the same language; that and being human.

Lots of Candidates, Lots of Roles

At no point do we have no work to do. We are continually dealing with developers and clients alike, finding ways to make connections and you working together successfully. The best way to do this is by casting a wide net, but don’t mistake this for spreading ourselves thinly. Our wide net helps us ensure that we aren’t merely scraping the surface of the job pool. With all the niche skills developers possess, there are so many aspects to finding the right role for you that we have to take into account. Our attention to detail is what makes us so successful.

The Role That Fits

We’re always in contact with great candidates; developers, analysts, project managers, data scientists and many more talented individuals who know and trust us. They are the go-getters who are driven, intellectual and good at what they do. All of this doesn’t help, however if you are looking for something slightly different to the stock standard robot role on offer. This is exactly why we take the time to understand the needs of our candidates.

By carefully eking out a clear idea of the role to be filled as well as your skills and personality traits, we are better equipped to find you the right role. Sometimes we have to advise our clients to adjust their expectations, package or offer. The whole point is getting to a place where we match a developer with the right company for them. Anything less would undervalue the developer.

Listen, Empower and Advise

Not unlike hermit crabs, a good developer may scare easily. Understandably; why leap face first into a potentially career-damaging position? Your livelihood is at stake. This is why we take the time to get to know our candidates, to better understand their needs, skill set and their career goals. If a candidate is talented, ambitious and looking for a change of scenery, we can help them find the right fit. It is never in our best interest to force a square peg into a round hole. This is a short-sighted rookie move which gives recruiters a bad name. Our goal is to educate, mentor and guide you into a role that’s best fits you rather than using hard sales tactics to push candidates to take the wrong job.

Getting the Offer and Closing the Deal

The last step is closing the deal. What few people realise is that this step is as stressful for us as it is for the candidate, not because we are trying to budget for our holidays to Thailand but because the livelihoods of our candidates are at stake. We are not sales people, we don’t go on sales courses or use slimy sales techniques; that sort of conduct goes against everything we believe in. Ensuring that both you, the candidate, are happy with the terms and conditions, the package and the job requirements can make or break the deal. This is where careful negotiation comes into play, we want candidates to earn what they are worth and we want them to be happy in their new positions, without that our efforts amount to nil. Happy candidates, make happy recruiters!

If you’ve had a bad experience with recruiters previously, well, join the club. There are however some good recruiters and specialist recruitment agencies out there; like e-Merge. Recruitment is a proven method of finding the right fit and forming a symbiotic relationship. Honesty, integrity, mentorship and empathy are paramount for us because we value our candidates and clients. Avoid the sausage factory recruiters; upload your CV, get in touch with us and browse our job listings.


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