More signs that it’s time to job hunt…

We featured a blog a few weeks ago that looked at the “Six signs it’s time to polish up your CV“.  We’re adding a few more to the mix now because we understand that wanting to explore new horizons or different opportunities is one thing but being so desperately unhappy is quite another.  Life is too short to be in an unhappy job.

Here are a few more big, bold, flashing signs that it’s time to start looking for a new job.

Your values don’t match up

If your personal values are not mirrored in the ethos and values of the company, it could be a huge deal breaker for you and a sign that perhaps it’s time to find a company that does match.  For example, if one of your core values is respect and you work in a company that doesn’t respect you or others, the match is clearly not a good one.

Your company doesn’t care about its people

There is a reason why the Virgin group has a marginally lower staff turnover than its contemporaries, and that’s thanks to Richard Branson’s ethos of “putting his people first”.  If you’re feeling like another number, and that literally no-one would miss you if you left; it’s time to leave, dude!

You hate your boss

Having to work for a manager or boss that you seriously dislike (because he is a toss) is never an easy road to travel.  If you’ve tried to iron out your differences, take things on the chin, be the bigger person, and any other analogy that might be out there, and yet still you can’t like your boss, it’s a clear indication that greener pastures are calling.

Your job is making you sick

A scary 60% of Americans polled said stress at work is the main reason when looking for another job.  Stress really does kill, and not only does it affect your own well-being but it can impact your relationships and home-life too.  A good amount of stress, or healthy stress is ok, but if a job or working environment is keeping you up at night, and making you sick over it, you need to ask yourself if it’s really worth it?

If any of these statements ring scarily true for you, call us, the IT recruitment specialists at E-Merge now +27 11 463 3633 – we will find the right environment for you. Or leave you CV here right now.

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