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Nicole Flatscher

"I'm The Best There Is And I Know It"

Nicole literally fell into recruitment 9 years ago, and upon discovering she was a natural, stayed with us! Outside e-Merge, Nicole’s life is about simple pleasures, and wonderful experiences, long walks on promenades, decent coffee, and her family, especially her son Oliver.

Then there’s Little Luna, her cat. 6 months old, orphaned and left at the vet with a broken foot, Nicole took Luna home where she quickly won hearts and attacked feet.

Nixie has a pretty broad taste in music, everything from Frank Sinatra to Jeremy Loops, and a little Ellie Golding in between, depending on the setting and the mood.

Who’s your Superhero?
Superman of course, he was the first successful, widely accepted superhero. He opened the door and paved the way for almost every superhero out there- what a legacy.

What is your Own Super-Power?
Hands down my creativity, vivid imagination, and my ability to see the glass as always half full.

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