Specialist Recruitment Consultant in Data, BI and Analysis

Nigel Ntuli

“Discipline, Dedication, and Drive”

Nigel is super cool! He has SWAG for days! He enjoys listening to Hip Hop; his favourite of all time being JAY-Z. When he is not listening to music, Nigel enjoys reading a book or visiting a gallery or two. Nigel is a creative at heart and a real-life gentleman; he is PASSIONATE, DEDICATED, and DRIVEN to achieve greatness. Oh, he also has a Pitbull named BELLA…..(yes, we know – it took a second to sink in)

Who’s your Superhero?
Iron man because he works with cool tech and does cool work

What is your own Super-Power?
Highly adaptable to any situation or environment.

What Motivates You?
He is inspired by his mother; she is where he gets his drive and work ethic from. Nigel is also inspired by LIFE and the lessons and endless opportunities that come with it.

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