Senior Recruitment Administrator

Pemlar Maleka

"Pem's Not Into Inspiring Messages. Her Beautiful Babies Are Inspiration Enough."

Pem e-Merged about 9 years ago, following her passion for HR. Recruitment was just an entry point at the time. She loved it, and love turned to talent, and talent to success, and so she just kept coming to office.

Success and progress are her beacons, and enable her to provide for her family. That family isn’t just her beautiful human children, it includes 2 Budgerigar birds, 2 goldfish, 2 Boerboel dogs and she loves them just as much! They help her destress and make for a fun and lively home.

A home that’s often filled with the aroma of Pem’s signature dish cooking, and a little Nicki Minaj floating across the airwaves.

Who’s your Superhero?
King T’Challa, Black Panther. May his heroic soul rest in power, our brother Chad!!

What is your Own Super-Power?
Can read people’s energies from a mile away

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