Recruitment Consultant specialising in .Net and the Microsoft Stack

Phindile Mathebula

“Dreams delayed are not dreams denied”

Phinds is a quiet firefly. Although she might not say much but she does bring a little spark of light to the people around her. Like so many other people in recruitment, she fell into it. Her story began when her sister gave her a call one fateful day as they needed someone to fill in as a receptionist for the day at her offices. Phindi went to work that morning and has been in recruitment since that day. Phindi strives to always be a better version of herself. When she is not here at the Orange offices, she enjoys a nice nap, playing with her son and spending time with him. She says her sons bold and confident nature inspires her, “he is such a bowl of sunshine”. Phindile loves listening to local Hip-Hop and her super-power is her ability to ”see right through people”, so DON’T look straight into her eyes 😊.

Tell us about your pet? 

She doesn’t like furry friends 😊

Who’s your Superhero?

Her older sister, she’s fierce!

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