Why Do Companies Ask You to Complete Pre-Interview Skills Tests?

It can be a time-consuming pain in the neck when companies ask you to complete a pre-interview test. Whether it’s a coding test or a psychometric test, many employers insist on testing candidates before seeing them so that they have a clearer picture of who you are from the start. Companies, their hiring managers and line managers know that you are more than the contents of your CV. When you successfully complete a skills test you prove to an employer that you not only look good on paper but you also have the skills required to do the job at hand. After all, is it not better to know sooner rather than later if there is potential for a solid working relationship?

Screening Job Applicants

Let’s face it, the job market is tough at the moment. Whether you have skills or not, few people will snap their fingers and find a job. Once a job advert goes out, replies come streaming in. Companies and recruiters alike are often flooded with CVs from across the globe, especially if the offer appears attractive. In a skill-skewed industry such as that of programming, coding or development, finding the right person with the right skillset is of utmost importance. How do they know if you’re the best fit? They test you.

Do You Meet the Criteria?

Once you have completed the test, everyone involved in the hiring process will have a clearer idea of whether you meet the criteria necessary in order to perform the job successfully. Meeting the most basic criteria is just a starting point for any candidate to get an interview. It’s simple if you cannot perform the job, no matter how charming, funny or suave you are to work with, there’s no warrant for an interview. Why waste any further time with unnecessary interviews? This way you can keep looking for your dream job and said company can keep looking for the right developer to fill their role.

To Predict on the Job Performance

The information yielded from the pre-interview skill set will help your potential employer form a picture of how you are going to perform on the job. Sure, you said you can code in Java or C#, but is your experience in line with what it is they need? If you are on different pages regarding the finer points of a specific tech stack, now is around the time you will figure it out. Your logic and methodology will be under scrutiny and beyond skill, they begin to look deeper into what you can bring to the team.

To Understand How Well You Would Fit into a Team

At e-Merge, we know as well as anyone that each candidate is unique. It may seem that skills tests are there to trip you up but they really aren’t. The better your potential employer knows your coding ability, the more likely they are to find the perfect spot for you within their team. Where you excel, your teammates may heavily depend on you and vice versa. Your shortcomings may be less of a hindrance than you think.

Filling in the Gaps

Once your test has paved the way, your interviewer will be able to ask you more informed and relevant questions. They may choose to ask you why you tackled the test in a particular way, where you could have performed better and where you think you really performed well. All of these questions pull together to form a more productive interview and once the technical questions are asked they can get to know you and find out whether you fit the existing company culture.

Saving Time and Money

As a candidate, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your most immediate concerns, skills and responsibilities, understandably. It’s important to consider that a company which is well run, has clear procedures in place in order to save time and money, is more efficient and easier to work for. Imagine welcoming a new team member only to find out that they aren’t quite the right fit for your team and their skillset is not in line with your current tech stack. Time and money have been wasted and your project will face some real setbacks. It’s definitely best to get it right from the start.

Now you know why companies ask you to complete a pre-interview skills test. Skills tests set the path for successful interviews, better working relationships and a smoother hiring process. Of course, these factors benefit the company, what’s in it for you? We’re glad you asked. There are loads of reasons for you to perform a skills test, find out more in part two of this series.

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