Say I.T. Loud!

Uncle Louis thinks Java development’s disgraceful: the Indonesian island should be kept pristine! And that Perl, Python and Ruby are great names for Gothic triplets. Don’t be like Uncle Louis. His job prospects are plummeting fast. 

Information technology is one of the country’s most sought-after skills, according to the Department of Higher Education and Training. South Africa’s even offering Critical Skills Visas, allowing people from abroad to find employment here, in IT, without existing job offers. So, to future-proof your employment, and to assist in the country’s long-term economic growth, why not consider a career in IT? 

Right now, Uncle Louis’s looking up Information Technology. He’s struggling, though: his dictionary was published in 19-hell-and-gone. We’ll break it down for you instead: Information Technology is the study or use of computers, networking, software and other equipment to manage information. 

According to Careers 24, the Top 5 in-demand IT skills are: 

  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining 

Are you a fact-junkie with a flair for interpreting trends? This could be your calling. 

Statistical analysis involves collating, scrutinising, summarising and interpreting data to discover underlying patterns, relationships and trends. This helps businesses increase turnover, enhance customer experience, optimise the impact of marketing campaigns and improve operational efficiency. 

  • Java Development 

Were you the kid that wrote letters in code? Why not learn to speak Java? 

Java is a widely used, high-level programming language used to develop and distribute web content. It’s used to create applications that run on a single computer, and those distributed via a network of clients and servers. It’s popular because its code is robust, it offers network portability, it secures data and its applets offer flexibility. It’s also quick to learn. Even Uncle Louis might get this onto his CV. 

  • Network and Information Security 

Do you have the mind of a hacker and the heart of an altruist? There might be a desk with your name on it. 

Digital security involves the authorisation of access to data, and the detecting, preventing and responding to the misuse of digital information by accidental threat or by malicious intent. 

  • Mobile Development

Are you an entrepreneur who’s part creative and part nerd?

This involves dreaming up and building useful apps from concept to conclusion. Whatever your platform – Android, Apple or Windows – you can learn the software development environment and programming languages to bring new apps to life. 

  • Perl, Python and Ruby

Are your favourite words “all systems go”? Employers could be bidding for you.

Perl, Python and Ruby are programming languages with varying abilities. They enable system administration, web development, network programming and enhancing of existing systems. You might start off learning to ‘speak Python’ (Uncle Louis asks if that’s like Parcelmouth) and then migrate to one or both the other languages. 

They’re no crystal ball revealing which jobs are categorically future-proof, but these skills open up employment possibilities. And if there are visions of the future, shouldn’t we up our IT skills to decode them?!

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