Starting Your Career Off as a Developer: Get Involved in a Community

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Did you know a recent study showed that around 70% of coding jobs have nothing to do with technology at all?

This means that when you start your career as a software developer you’ll need to know more than just programming. It’s essential to get involved in a community of software developers to enhance your prospects.

Not only will you enhance your career, but you will also make friends. It can also help to keep your work-life balance healthy. Not to mention you’ll have lots of friends on hand to support you. 

Keep reading for the e-Merge guide on how to get involved in a community.

Be Yourself Not a Networker

The key to becoming an integral part of a community is by being yourself and allowing your personality to shine through.

People will be able to tell if you are schmoozing them. While networking is a valuable career tool, making real friends and connections is more important.

Focus on establishing long-term friends. If you come across like you want something, you may be unpopular. As long as you start with the right mindset you’ll have no problem making connections with like-minded people.

Go to Events

Make sure you put yourself in the thick of it by going to places where lots of computer programmers hang out. There are many events you can go to, these recommendations from Riaan Nel are a great place to start:

MeetUp is a great place to find out what’s on near you. You can also try Code Camps which are usually free and local.

It’s worth noting that software development conferences can be expensive, but you can often get sponsored to go.

Conferences are social events, as well as talks there are often drinks and formal dinners. Remember that you are there for your own professional development so think twice about drinking.

Share Your Expertise

Once you’ve learned the ropes from other events you can share your own expertise. It’s a great idea to do this at a conference, or you could write a paper. 

Public speaking is never easy at first but you’ll be surprised at how supportive people will be. If you feel nervous about sharing your idea, why not try a blog post first to ease yourself in?

Sharing your knowledge is essential to making a name for yourself in any industry. You will gain respect from your peer group and are more likely to have people reach out to you. 

Do Something for Charity

Use your newfound programmer community to help raise money or do work for something you believe in.

You could start by helping out at an event in the programming field to meet other volunteers.

Helping a charity or social cause with your expertise in software development is also a great way to utilise your skills. Helping others creates strong social bonds. 

Doing charity work will also get you a good reputation in the community and they are likely to recommend you others for programming work.

Ready to Join the Software Developer Community?

Getting involved in a work community can kickstart your career, but it also has many other benefits. It can improve your overall wellbeing, build friendships and help out those in need! 

Now you’ve got some great ways to get involved in the software developer community why not check out some of our available programmer jobs at e-Merge? Click here to start browsing.

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