Starting Your Career Off As A Developer: Practice Makes Perfect

There is a shortage of developers available in South Africa. As of June 2019, software developers are the most in-demand position waiting to be filled. If you’ve been considering a career change or starting a career as a software developer, this is your chance!

However, it’s not enough to just read a book or take an online class to be a good programmer. As Riaan believes, a good programmer gets to that point by putting their learnings into action—by doing!

Keep reading to learn why practice makes perfect when it comes to being good at programming.

How Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect in any sense, but especially as a programmer because there are no shortcuts or quick steps if you want to be a good developer! The best way to learn to program is by doing it. It’s not enough to learn the syntax of a language or string a bunch of commands together; there’s a big difference between knowing the syntax of a language and actually being able to build something useful in it. 

Learning isn’t only about how you do something; it’s about why you’re doing it. For example, you can know how to declare a class in Java, but more important is understanding why you should use a class here and what are the benefits of object-oriented programming? When you’re practising, you get to use these real-life examples and learn firsthand why you need to do something.

Practising helps you understand how to break down a problem and solve it using the tools you have at your disposal. Don’t be dissuaded from learning new languages! You need to understand that reading a book or doing a course won’t automatically make you a good programmer. You’ll have to practice!

How to Start Practising

The best way to practice is building something that you find interesting or helpful. As Riaan did, he’s interested in finance and investments, so he took that interest and wrote a program to help him choose stocks to invest in! Put some effort into applying everything that you learn. Once you have grasped the basic syntax, find something that excites you that you would like to build. 

When Riaan started his career, he spent a lot of time working through some of the problems on Project Euler. Back then, computers weren’t quite as fast as they are now, so this really forced him to think about optimising his code. 

Find out what excites you! Learn how you can build it! Then go out and do it so you can turn it into a career!

Start Your Programming Career Today 

Now that you understand how important practice is when it comes to starting your programming career, it’s time to take the next step! e-Merge IT Recruitment would love to help you become a better programmer.

If you need any help with starting your career, please contact us today!

This article was inspired by the work of Riaan Nel (

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