Starting Your Career Off As a Developer: Share What You Learn

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Anyone who has ever completed formal training for the career of their dreams knows that education is just the beginning. Formal studies teach the principles applied to a specific science. However, the real work comes when you get into the field of your choice and apply those principles in real-time. 

In technology, a developer can mean many things to different people. Riaan Nel, an architect at Darial, says the tech ecosystem for multiple career paths is broad. To start, they include software developers, web developers, JAVA developers, technical architects, and even a CTO.

Once you finish your formal training, getting a position isn’t the only goal you should have. It’s essential to test your knowledge and grow your contacts.

Are you starting a career as a developer? Keep reading to learn more about sharing what you’ve learned with others. 

Look for a Mentor with Multi-level Developer Experience

Most professionals will tell you that having a mentor at the start of their career was beneficial. A mentor is a trusted partner you can go to throughout your programming career.

Studies have shown that having a mentor improves your chances of success. The right person will help when you hit stumbling blocks at the start of your career. They can also provide networking opportunities. 

Create Developer Content to Help Others

Blogs are still valuable tools, as well as vlogs. People interested in programming and how to start a career as a developer can use your expertise.

The content can start simple and grow into an online community to showcase your journey.

You can create content geared towards a specific development aspect like testing programs or go in-depth with programming language using Python’s logging module.

Find Engaging Develop Social Platforms

Just as you can create a community to share your wealth of information, it is a smart move to join platforms created by seasoned developers. By doing so, you build on your knowledge and gather new perspectives on other topics of interest. 

Engaging on social platforms geared towards developers and recruiters like those at E-merge is a great way to network. You can open the door to learning about career opportunities around the world. 

Give Back to the Community

It’s always great to give back to the community by helping the next generation of developers. Coding is growing among teens. As a result, schools and after-school programs need the information and expertise you have to offer.

Consider getting involved in a community-based program that will allow you to pass on what you have learned. Plus, this is a way to gain exposure in the software development professional community.

Build a Support System for Career Development

A developer has options when it comes to career development. The relationships you build along the way can become the open door you need as you progress professionally. 

As you embark on your new journey, you’ll look for opportunities to connect with brands in need of your skills. That’s what we specialize in. Contact the E-Merge team with your questions or submit your CV. 

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