There’s no Skills Shortage in South Africa

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At e-Merge we regularly hear that ol’ pearl; ‘there’s a skills shortage in South Africa’. The truth is that we get to work with some incredible candidates every day; developers who are driven, talented and hard working. The trouble? It’s not uncommon for businesses to just put too many obstacles in the way. High calibre developers; the right people with the right skills do exist but some businesses are dead set on scoring own goals. As recruiters, we do absolutely everything in our power to bridge this divide.

Smoothing the Way for Skilled Developers

As a service driven agency, e-Merge takes every possible measure to ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the hiring process. Problems arise however when internal systems hinder the process. It’s not unheard of for a developer to wait several months for an official offer. The trouble is that by this point the candidate has either lost interest or found something else. It’s simple really; good people don’t stay on the market for long.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

This is when the entire process starts from the beginning. The ask is the same, but this time it’s more difficult because the entire process is now two to three months behind where it could have been. The result is increased pressure on the delivery team and the costs begin to soar.

The whole situation could have been avoided. It’s not rocket science, it’s a matter of finding a way to ensure the process is smooth and unhindered. Often there are just far too many snags and stumbling blocks for HR departments to efficiently navigate.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

There’s an art to finding great candidates, but we’ve got that down. The heavy lifting; initial interviews, security checks and gathering references is all in a day’s work for us. The snags occur when a small HR department is servicing a large corporation and the list of checks and balances grow by the day. While businesses lollygag, our handpicked candidates are lost beneath piles of paper. Before they know it, the developer who was excited and ready to sign an agreement has since been swept up by someone else with a more efficient hiring process. Something’s got to give.

Clearing the HR Bottleneck

At a certain point it becomes more difficult to hire developers than to just keep going with a short staffed team. This counterproductive process is the root cause of staff attrition. By simplifying systems and processes, businesses can grow rather than atrophy. It sounds pretty easy and we know that it isn’t always that simple, but it’s time for businesses to try.

The Alternative

Without checks and balances the world would indeed be chaos, however, is an empty office a viable alternative? If you aren’t careful, before you know it, the staff that you do have are leaving because the workload is no longer sustainable. It’s a catch 22 but there is a way. Some companies get it right, they successfully grow their business and their staff complement at the same time. How; you ask? They need to loosen their grip, streamline their processes to make way for high calibre developers and don’t let the good ones get away.

Problem Solved

We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t hire scrupulously, what we are saying is that good people want to work at good companies, not ones that delay the process, expect them to jump through hundreds of hoops and disrespect their time. It’s simple, if you get it right, you too can have a team of thriving top developers.

Are you looking for brilliant developers? Kick off the process by giving us a call. We have access to great candidates, we do all the heavy lifting, you just get them on board. It’s that simple. Contact us now.

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