Traffic and your heart attack! Should you work closer to home?

Did you know? Getting stuck in a traffic jam is THE biggest cause of everyday stress…

Being a developer and working on big software projects, stress is a given, but what you don’t need on top of that is to be driven to insanity or RAGE before you even arrive at your desk every morning.

Dealing with heavy traffic doesn’t only stress you out; many studies show that experiencing daily traffic congestion can also have negative consequences on your health. Long commutes are associated with weight gain, low fitness levels, and raised blood pressure—all strong predictors of heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

Recognise this? After the bad commute, you can’t let it go. You walk into the office and rant about the trip, kicking off entire conversations about terrible traffic, bad drivers and where they got their licences. Now it’s not just your own mood, you’re also impacting the general tone of the office too. While venting may feel good in the moment it reinforces the emotions for your next trip, which in turn keeps our stress levels on high alert.

We know well enough that stress is not good for our long-term health but when sitting in traffic day in and day out it’s a pretty tough ask not to get affected. After several years, the daily battle to and from work can really get under your skin and is enough to drive you nuts! Is it possible to avoid this negative and potentially dangerous daily misery? Of course it is, there is soothing music, the option of professional development podcasts every evening. Or car yoga. I suspect though that these choices aren’t really what you’re all about, and if that’s the case, an alternative is to find something closer to home. If you long for a shorter commute, more time with your children and a fuel bill that’s lower than your car payment every month, it might be time to get your CV through us.

Why not have a look at our job-list or drop us a CV?

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