Recruitment Administrator

Zama Zwane

"I Never Lose, It's Either I Win, Or I Learn."

Zama made her grand entrance during 2017, after being invited to become a receptionist at a recruitment agency. A friend had been promoted, and referred Zama.That’s what friends are for right???

Zama’s infectious personality made her a natural success, and that’s why she is, where she is today. She’s unashamedly driven by money, hustling daily to provide a great life for her son.

Despite what people say, Zama’s hobby is NOT her son, but a lot of reading and an occasional drink with friends, listening to some sweet RnB or a little gospel. Anything that gets her “feeling in lurve”. Zama has a cute, smiley, pet dolphin which she keeps in the sea. Somewhere.

Who’s your Superhero?
It has to be the flash, I mean who else do you know can get from one point to the next in a FLASH??

What is your Own Super-Power?
I talk. A lot.

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